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About Us.....

Margin Solutions is a innovative computer support organisation operating out of Sydney, Australia. We focus on common sense scalable solutions. Clients from single end-users up to and including large corporations, with our emphasis on cost reduction, reliability and automation.

Our experienced team, of seasoned computer professionals many with over 15 years of direct and varied industry experience, have a unique talent for blending business acumen and IT common sense.

We do not subscribe to a one solution fits all approach, with support services including many vendors. Support for various operating systems, we have even extended support for certain operating systems which their original vendors have long ago abandoned.
We support the investment that you have already made in your computing environment.

Expertise in the areas of networking, voip (voice over the Internet Protocol), live on line support, on-site support. Development  and deployment of Standard Operating Environments (SOE), backups, lost administrator passwords, etc..

Other Resources
As required, Margin Solutions leverage's other business partners and experts to complement our service offerings such as legal, accounting, and training specialists.