diverse clients at margin solutions

Diverse Clients...

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. They include small, medium and large businesses as well as private, public and not-for-profit organisations. And, they represent a variety of industries.

Some of the various tasks that we have delivered to our clients include.

  • Design, develop and implement Standard Operating Environments (SOE) across business units and many desktop machines,
  • Network design, network implementation,
  • Audit current IT practices and recommend improvements,
  • Write or update policy manuals and procedures,
  • Consultation on hardware purchase decisions,
  • Consultation on service provider decisions,
  • Backup solutions and restorations strategies,
  • Test and review hardware and software before it hits the marketplace, thereby providing a confidential and impartial product review,
  • Scalable solutions from one man professionals to multiple business units  with many many employees,
  • Security Review - Ethical hacking,
  • Design and develop saleable CD-ROM products for our clients,
  • Network design, network implementation,
  • Find lost Administrator passwords,
  • Manage key employee changeovers,
  • Consultation for dispute resolution,
  • Write custom software for clients where no other solution exists in the marketplace.